Palm Tree Planting and Good Fortune

In ancient times, trees are tools used by fortunetellers to interpret the meaning of dreams. In Europe, if you dreamt of a green oak tree, you are destined to have a long life. If you dreamt of a cypress tree, you are bound to encounter business difficulties. Meanwhile, when a palm tree appears on you dream, something fortunate will happen, as it is considered the best of omens. Palm trees in dreams mean hope and peace.

Palm trees are not only wanted in dreams, they are also cherished in reality. They can found in warm places which have a plenty of sunshine. These medium-sized trees generally thrive in coastal regions, often close to water. Places where you can find them include Florida, California, Mexico, and some in deserts near oases. They are composed of long trunks with not much leaves except at the top. These leaves resemble large feathers. The fruit of the palm tree contains the seeds of the plant. Its seed is called coconut, whose shape is spherical and whose color is brown.

If you are planning to plant palm trees, there are four general factors to consider before doing so. By thinking about these factors, you can save time and effort because you have set up a good environment for your growing plant. These four factors are the size of the tree when it matures, temperature, sunlight, and water.

In choosing a location where you are going to let the plant grow, be sure to match the overall landscape design with the space needed by a palm tree. This type of tree can reach as high as 50 feet and can interfere with overhead lines and also underground conduits. A large palm tree can even be a threat to buildings near the area. Make sure that the space is right for the size of a mature palm tree.

Meanwhile, another factor is the temperature. Freezing weather can end the life a most palm trees. Even a short period of frost can make the tree infested with insects and diseases. The growing conditions of an area of locality are very important to determine the chances of survival for some plants.

The third consideration is sunlight. Not all palm trees can live under the sun. For some varieties of the palm tree, a shady and dark lighting is better. Finally, the factor of water is one element which cannot be ignored. Palm trees usually thrive in places with abundant and consistent water supply. This is why if you are planning to grow a palm tree, be sure that it will get enough water.

To do palm tree planting, you must first dig a hold where the root ball can fit well and still have much space around. The depth should be at least equal to the depth at which it was first planted. Planting the palm tree deeper will just deprive its roots of water and nutrients. After you have positioned the plant, fill the hole with freshly dug soil.

It is very essential that you water the plant frequently. Water it daily for its first two weeks. You can try using a bubbler or connecting a hose to soak the area around the tree slowly. In addition, palm trees also need fertilizer applications. Planting palm trees can surely give a calming and wonderful ambiance to your backyard or garden.

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