Fruit Tree Planting and Summer Picnics

Have you always dreamt of summer picnics lying under the cool shade of fruit trees, breathing the fresh breeze of air, and looking up at plump and bright fruits growing overhead? You can make this image into reality at the comfort of your own backyard by growing healthy fruit trees in it. Eventually, you will also have an alternative to possible chemically-laden and artificially-grown fruit products in the market.

Fruit trees are trees which bear fruit. Fruits are formed when the ovary of a flower ripens and its ovules turn into seeds. Fruit tree planting is more common with orchards and in other rural areas. However, they can also grow in the cities. Fruit tree planting can beautify your garden; provide you with fresh fruits, as well as protection against soil erosion and wind.

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Fruit trees are best suited in full sunlight. One of the important factors to consider when you want to plant fruit trees is soil drainage. They will not be able to survive when planted in a soil that drains so slowly. Try to test soil drainage first by digging a one-foot-deep hole in the soil. Fill it with water. The hole must be drained in three hours.

To do fruit tree planting, first dig a hole about 18 inches deep using a pitchfork. It is good to fork the sides and bottom of the hold for the soil to loosen. Then, get compost and scatter it on the bottom of the hole. Put some soil back in the hold, and leave mound in the middle. You can now take the tree and set it in the hole with its root ball above the mound top. You should settle the graft line of the tree about three inches above the ground.

Roots should also be spread evenly in the hole. Next, cover the hole with soil and fill it firmly using your foot. Be sure that the tree is vertical. Also, add more soil to overfill the hole around one or two inches above the ground. If you think the tree needs staking, you can do so. Using rubber tie or cloth, you can tie it to a stake. However, also be sure to leave room for the thickening of trunk.

You can also mulch the base of the tree. Mulch is a covering composed of organic matter like peat, straw, leaves and other objects that are scattered and spread around the tree to prevent moisture evaporation, weed growth, and cold roots.

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